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business visas

Do your employees travel internationally for business meetings or other short-term activities? Let us help you make sure they get the visas they need and avoid unpleasant surprises at the airport.

Work permits

Are you assigning employees to work in a foreign country? Or planning to hire foreign nationals? We can help you obtain the work visas and permits they need before they can travel and begin work.

document apostille

Immigration frequently requires corporate and personal documents to be apostilled before they will be accepted as legally valid by foreign governments. We can simplify the process for you.

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Do you have a centralized, reliable system for verifying newly hired employees' right to work? Or for ensuring that current employees have the right visas and permits before they set off for the airport or job site? If not, let us help you develop one.


Are you opening an office or acquiring an entity in a foreign country? Or perhaps you need to increase staffing and want to hire foreign nationals to meet the need? For all of this, having a simple, effective immigration strategy is key to avoid either delays in on-boarding employees or accidental unauthorized employment.

us immigration law firm collaboration

Because we do not practice US immigration law but specialize exclusively in global/non-US immigration law, we are frequently called on to partner with US immigration law firms to provide integrated global services to their clients.

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